BISD Brad Greene, VP Argues With Me &…..

I spoke with a homeowner across the street from Watauga Elementary on Monday evening, April 29 to obtain permission to place signs for my campaign, as well as Jeff Ritter for BISD Trustee and a sign to vote against the BISD Bond to be seen at the elections being held at the school on Tuesday.  

Late morning on Tuesday, BISD School Board VP, Brad Greene  pulled up the “Don’t Vote for the BISD Bond” sign I had put in the yard across the street the evening before and threw it on the ground.  He then came over and started arguing with me about voting for the bond!  I got really upset and he gave up trying to convince me to vote for the bond of “wasteful spending” and walked off.  We didn’t argue, as I wouldn’t.  It was just a heated debate.  He kept telling me it’s all lies the other side is sharing.  All lies.  He just kept saying lies, yet he had nothing to prove they were lies although we have “proof” to show what they are saying and sharing is not complete truth.

This is his BISD Profile:

Elected to the BISD Board of Trustees in 2009,    Greene is married to Amy and has three children-Grace, Caroline and Thomas.   He attended Birdville schools and graduated from Haltom High School in 1986 and Baylor University in 1990.

Greene is vice chairman on the Parks and Recreation Board for the City of North Richland Hills and is a former member of the Gas Board of Appeals for the City of North Richland Hills. In addition, he served as a member of the naming committee for Birdville High and was a member of the City of North Richland Hills’ bond program for roads and new city facilities. He is a member of North Richland Hills Baptist Church and the NE Richland Lions Club.

I would HATE to think about what is going on with our tax dollars in these committee’s decisions if he and his “cronies” are out pulling up signs and lamblasting people to TRY to get them to vote FOR the Bond! 

“100” signs have come up missing throughout the area!   hmmmmm – Wonder where they are?  I wonder who even wanted them?  I am NOT saying it is Brad or even alluding to that, but I know he pulled the one up across the street from the school.  I couldn’t believe it!  A VP on the School Board!  What are our children learning if their parents and our school board does this kind of stuff!

Several investigations are in place right now as well as security throughout the area watching to see who the person/people are.  There is a $600 award for the first person to “see” someone taking one up or stealing it.

Greene is an agent with Farmers Insurance since1993. (I sure wouldn’t want him to be my insurance agent if he displays the kind of behavior he did with me all because I wouldn’t agree with him.)


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  1. Ashley Evridge | Reply

    Just another lovely show of morals from the BISD Trustees….When will people wake up and see what is going on?

  2. […] April 30th, Jo Lynn Haussmann who is running for Watauga City Coucil Place 3 saw Birdville School Board Vice President Brad Greene removing one of our signs from a voter’s yard. He threw the sign on the ground and then commenced to argue with Jo Lynn Haussmann about the bond. You can read her report here: […]

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