The election season for local campaigns is almost over.  Have you done all you can to help conservative candidates win? Will you have any regrets if the Establishment candidates win? 

Your job:

All candidates are looking for volunteers to help man a polling location during early voting and on Election Day.  Can you help?  It’s a lot of hours to fill, so we need lots of volunteers!  All you need to do is be at a booth at a polling location and hand out push cards for the candidate. 
If you can help in the WATAUGA area, please leave a comment below.  

Jo Lynn Haussmann to victory! 

 (And by the way, if you’ve not had a chance to interact with Jo Lynn yet, please call her at 817-637-9009 or email her at

No experience necessary!  Help is desperately needed.  How ’bout an hour before or after work, or during your lunch break?  Regular voting day is on a Saturday, maybe you and your family can all pitch in and help out for a little while.

 PS.  I know we’re all focused on local elections right now, but we’ve got a BIG meeting coming up on May 13 in Southlake with the North East Tarrant Tea Party.  The Producer from The Blaze and The Beck Show is our guest speaker!  Check now to make sure it’s on your calendar.


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