1)     AGAINST – Deletion of Section 3.08(e) Prohibitions

My position on this is that we hate to lose a perfectly good person just because they may not win the spot for which they are attempting to gain. Most municipalities are won by popularity and not by “knowing” who the person is or what they believe or anything else. Unless a candidate gets out and “actively” campaigns such as myself and Robert Daniels who is running for Mayor, you most likely have no opportunity to know anything about them. 


2)  AGAINST – Deletion of Section 3.08(f) Prohibitions
This proposition would require another election be held should the elected official win an election as discussed in #1.  The election would cost the City approximately $8,000.


3)  AGAINST – Meetings & Rules of Procedure Section 3.09(a) 

This would allow for the special meetings to held outside the City. The problem with this is if it was passed, there would be an allotment to also, at the City’s expense, to support the cost on meetings such as Retreats, etc.


4)  FOR – Mayor & Mayor Pro Tem Section 3.06(a)

If passed, this would limit the VETO power of the Mayor & Mayor Pro Tem. 


5)  FOR – City Secretary Section 7.02

Currently the City Secretary is under the exclusive direction and supervision of the City Manager.  This created difficulty recently as investigations were conducted on the City Manager as the Secretary was in a very awkward position.  If she is under the exclusive direction and supervision of the City Council, she would most likely feel more dedicated to better work with issues.






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