After reviewing the following, I believe I have my REAL answer!  The sad part is, we have such a difficult time getting “answers” in our municipality elections!  This came after the “only” other response we could find.  I think you will agree with me, after reading below, that we should vote “NO” on the Bond!!!


Hi everyone,
   Here is more information from Mona. She has granted permission to share it. This one is regarding the discussion she had with Charles Scoma. He is speaking against the proposal. He also has an insider’s view and thus, a lot of information.
John R. Konderla Jr.
Pct. 3194

OK. I already sent you the e-mail from Jack Knowles – pro-BISD bond proposal.  Today I had coffee with Charles Scoma, anti-BISD bond proposal.  Charles has been a candidate twice for State Rep in HD 91, including last year, but never made it to the Runoff.  He used to be on the school board, as well as he used to be the Mayor of NRH.


  • In 2006, a bond issue passed which put $40 Million into Technology.  Every school has WiFi.  We could update the technology every year and never get caught up, because it’s always changing.
  • Many updates, changes, and renovations were made to the 7 schools in the bond proposal in 1996 and 2006, ($30 Million worth) and we are spending $20 Million/year to maintain the schools, and keep them in good condition.
  • We lose assets when we tear down schools.
  • We are currently $392 Million in debt, and will be adding (if this passes) $321 Million more.  This will give us close to $700 Million in debt in the future.  A previous Board had agreed to start spending more than just interest, in order to pay everything off by 2014, but somewhere along the way, that went by the wayside.
  • With what we are paying in interest, we could build a new school every year.
  • When Binion Elementary in Richland Hills was renovated/rebuilt and made much larger, in order to justify that size of a building, they redistricted and pulled some students from Richland Elementary.  Now they are saying that Richland doesn’t have enough students to justify keeping it open!!
  • In 2009, HB 3 was passed in the State Legislature, instructing the Comptroller to do a study of expenditures, vs. class performance.  Birdville used to be in the 76 percentile.  Today it is in the 46 percentile in math and the 67 percentile in reading.  It is going downhill as we continue to spend more and more.  And Birdville HS is not a recognized school.
  • The # of students in BISD is flat, not growing.  We have open enrollment, because we have so much space.  This often brings in students who don’t have the background that our students have, and can ‘dumb’ down the class.
  • We are being told that we have 138 portables, and that this proposal will do away with 65 of those.  And yet in 2006, we only had 35 portables.  (Am not sure what happened here!)  Many of the current portables are not being used for classes.  They are being used for equipment storage, and PTA offices.


Those are all of the notes that I took.  If I think of anything else, I will get back to you.


Mona Bailey

Precinct Chair


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