Watauga Mayor Candidate Wants Planned Parenthood Center

Did you know?  Joseph Zappavigna, current Watauga Mayoral Candidate would like to see a Planned Parenthood Center in Watauga?  You ask ~ “What’s wrong with that?”  Do you really know what Planned Parenthood really does? Don’t believe what they “tell” you!!  Below is an explanation of what they do and are.  I am also including a website from North East Tarrant Tea Party that shows the questionnaire that Joseph Zappavigna responded to with this desire.

NE Tarrant Tea Party

Mayoral and City Council Candidate Questionnaire 2013

http://www.netarrantteaparty.com/  (scroll down to Watauga Mayor – Joseph Zappavigna)

At first I thought surely he doesn’t understand what their “main” mission is.  I have since learned that, yes Mr. Zappavigna does know that.

Do we really want to lift God’s blessings off our City with a liberal on City Council like this?

My choice is Robert “Bob” Daniel.   A Christian man with integrity, honesty, planning ability and a degree in management.   bob@danieltx.com



from ACLJ Article

(American Center for Law & Justice – aclj.org/

Led by Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel)

We’ve said it before, but we have to say it again: Planned Parenthood believes it should have the right to kill a baby born alive after a botched abortion.

That shocking admission came just as an infamous abortionist sits on trial for the horrific murder of at least seven infants who were born in that same situation. Planned Parenthood has exposed itself for its true purpose: abortion, on demand, even after birth, and without apology.

Yet the abortion giant still receives over $500 million in taxpayer funds annually – half its budget.

The ACLJ is fighting back – and winning. We are defending state laws cutting Planned Parenthood’s funds, working with Members of Congress to end its taxpayer subsidies, and directly challenging its alleged fraudulent practices.




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