Jo Lynn Haussmann has been endorsed by NE Tarrant Tea Party PAC. She is actively involved with the NETTP, volunteering and serving as an active citizen lobbyist in Austin through NETTP.  She is deeply devoted to conservative ideals while actively fighting for limited efficient government. Additionally, Haussmann dedicates valuable time and resources to help conservative candidates get elected in local positions.

Her goal is to pick up where current City Councilman Gary Johnson has left off. Johnson has endorsed Haussmann to run for his place. With continued integrity and support for her constituents—she recognizes their tax dollars have been wasted enough.  Haussmann sees leaders who take advantage of the people and their finances.  It is time the city management employs those who will expect accountability from all areas of the municipalities. Haussmann will take responsibility to work with the new mayor and city manager in order to monitor city spending and accountability. She is totally committed to financial responsibility and transparency.

For too many years, Watauga has not had true “management” of the city, and there has been misappropriation of funds as well as no accountability to department management.  It is time for the city council to do their job and manage the city. “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”… this has been the situation for too long here in our city. Now that the city council has completed investigations and has cleaned out the “good ol’ boys”, it is time for new beginnings. Integrity and “true” management are needed; Haussmann believes the current city council is doing a fabulous job in that arena. During these elections, the community needs to step up and vote, ensuring it continues.

Two seats are open for city council, and it is up to the people to make the choice. In a small city like Watauga, one vote can make the difference. Watauga has a population of 25,000; however, only approximately 500 turn out for the elections.

Stand up and take the responsibility to ensure Watauga places a person who aligns with the six core tea party beliefs of limited government, fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, rule of law, national sovereignty and the traditional two-party system, giving you the security of knowing you are delivering Watauga another person who will do the “right job.” Haussmann is the only candidate chosen in Watauga who values these beliefs and will represent them.

Haussmann looks forward to pitching in and promoting small businesses in our city while being instrumental in bringing in new businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of a city that thrives on their tax revenue thus building a stronger community. If we can help promote and build their business, it will be a “win-win” for both businesses and the city.

“I’ll be here to work for you, not against you! I will do all I can to allow citizens to have an opportunity to work with us—“Jo Lynn Haussmann

FACEBOOK:  Jo Lynn Haussmann for Watauga City Council Place 3

CONTACT:  817-637-9009


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