2013 City Council & School Board Elections

2013 City Council & School Board Elections

All politics are local!  Make sure you vote wisely in the 2013 City Council and School Board elections!  BE INFORMED!!


All local candidates were contacted by NETTP to request their responses to our annual questionnaire, as well as to ask them to sign a Transparency Pledge. Many candidates did not respond at all, a fact that all conservatives should raise eyebrows at!  The NETTP PAC is a separate entity from NETTP with the legal ability to endorse candidates.  The PAC does not endorse in all races just for the sake of endorsing.  They only endorse candidates they believe align with the 6 core tea party beliefs of limited government, fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, rule of law, national sovereignty, and the traditional 2-party system.

After hours of interviews and reviewing of the candidates, they are proud to offer the endorsement to Jo Lynn Haussmann for Watauga City Council Place 3:


Euless, Place 1- Bruce German

Euless, Place 3 – Darl Easton

Euless, Place 4 – Warren Wilson

Bedford, Place 5 – Salvatore Caruso

Watauga, Place 3 –

Jo Lynn Haussmann 



Carroll, Place 6 – Sam Torolopoulos

Carroll, Place 7 – Jim Palazzo

HEB, Place 3 – Allan Solmon



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