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The election season for local campaigns is almost over.  Have you done all you can to help conservative candidates win? Will you have any regrets if the Establishment candidates win? 

Your job:

All candidates are looking for volunteers to help man a polling location during early voting and on Election Day.  Can you help?  It’s a lot of hours to fill, so we need lots of volunteers!  All you need to do is be at a booth at a polling location and hand out push cards for the candidate. 
If you can help in the WATAUGA area, please leave a comment below.  

Jo Lynn Haussmann to victory! 

 (And by the way, if you’ve not had a chance to interact with Jo Lynn yet, please call her at 817-637-9009 or email her at

No experience necessary!  Help is desperately needed.  How ’bout an hour before or after work, or during your lunch break?  Regular voting day is on a Saturday, maybe you and your family can all pitch in and help out for a little while.

 PS.  I know we’re all focused on local elections right now, but we’ve got a BIG meeting coming up on May 13 in Southlake with the North East Tarrant Tea Party.  The Producer from The Blaze and The Beck Show is our guest speaker!  Check now to make sure it’s on your calendar.



1)     AGAINST – Deletion of Section 3.08(e) Prohibitions

My position on this is that we hate to lose a perfectly good person just because they may not win the spot for which they are attempting to gain. Most municipalities are won by popularity and not by “knowing” who the person is or what they believe or anything else. Unless a candidate gets out and “actively” campaigns such as myself and Robert Daniels who is running for Mayor, you most likely have no opportunity to know anything about them. 


2)  AGAINST – Deletion of Section 3.08(f) Prohibitions
This proposition would require another election be held should the elected official win an election as discussed in #1.  The election would cost the City approximately $8,000.


3)  AGAINST – Meetings & Rules of Procedure Section 3.09(a) 

This would allow for the special meetings to held outside the City. The problem with this is if it was passed, there would be an allotment to also, at the City’s expense, to support the cost on meetings such as Retreats, etc.


4)  FOR – Mayor & Mayor Pro Tem Section 3.06(a)

If passed, this would limit the VETO power of the Mayor & Mayor Pro Tem. 


5)  FOR – City Secretary Section 7.02

Currently the City Secretary is under the exclusive direction and supervision of the City Manager.  This created difficulty recently as investigations were conducted on the City Manager as the Secretary was in a very awkward position.  If she is under the exclusive direction and supervision of the City Council, she would most likely feel more dedicated to better work with issues.










The abortion industry has an extremely powerful ally.

Today, President Obama will become the first sitting president in American history to address Planned Parenthood at its annual conference.

That’s right; the President of the United States is addressing the nation’s largest abortion provider, the leader of the death industry, just weeks after it argued for the right to kill a child born after a botched abortion.

He is addressing Planned Parenthood even as it attempts to profit off abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s trial for murdering babies born alive, arguing for even less regulation of abortion clinics.

President Obama is sending a message.

Let’s send our own.

Stand against infanticide.  Stand against an abortion industry that will permit no limits on its reach and influence.  Stand with us as we fight Planned Parenthood in court and in Congress.



For Website

Birdville ISD claims that a bond is ESSENTIAL to continue to operate and maintain our schools. Many citizens believe that a bond which raises taxes on the residents and places the district in $679 million dollars of long-term debt is not the answer. There IS a better way to provide the quality education our students need to achieve academic excellence.

Their claim – Eliminate more than 50 portable classrooms across the district. We believe – The 1996 and 2006 bonds promised to eliminate the district’s portable buildings .There were 136 portables in 1996, we have 138 portables today. Why should we believe they will actually keep their word THIS time around? We should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Their claim- Consolidate four of the oldest and smallest elementary schools into two new schools, which would save approximately $15 million in operating costs over the next 10 years. Another claim – Replace facilities that are between 50 and 65 years old with modern facilities that require less money to operate and maintain. We believe – According to the District’s own cost analysis, refurbishing the four elementary schools would cost approximately $7.2 million dollars. The proposed construction of 2 mega schools would cost $33.6 million dollars. It is $26.4 million dollars less expensive to refurbish the existing 4 schools. Why should we pay $26.4 million dollars now in order to only save $15 million dollars over the next 10 years? We should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Their claim– Major renovations such as replacing aging roofs, HVAC systems and plumbing as well as adding energy management systems throughout the district. We Believe – These projects should be planned and managed as ongoing maintenance. Most of these maintenance issues could be funded from the unrestricted $50,000,000 dollar reserve fund. This is a strategic management and long-term policy issue. Why should our students and teachers have to wait for, and depend upon, the passage of a bond in order to have well-maintained and functional structures? They should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Their claim – New computers and mobile devices, internet connectivity for wireless devices and provide all students access to technology used in the classroom. We believe – The 2006 bond funded $12 million dollars for computer and Infrastructure upgrades recently completed in 2010. Birdville’s network installer claims it is, “…the fastest education network in Texas”. The district’s goal is to have one IPad for every 3 students, replacing textbooks and other educational materials. Which student will be able to use the IPad? Which one will be able to take it home to study and do homework? WILL they be able to take them home at all?

Why raise taxes to replace the $12M dollars of recently installed first-class technology and buy quickly- outdated shared IPads with 25 year bond funds?

We should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Their claim– Additional safety and security measures throughout the district We believe – This urgent $2.8M dollar need should already have been funded from the excessive reserves. Security is a priority – the Trustees should have already addressed this critical need. Why should we pay for security with a bond, these upgrades should be installed now? We should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Their claim– New or upgraded science labs throughout the district We believe – The bond should not have been presented as an “all or nothing” proposal. The district should be upgrading the laboratories through responsible short-term financing. Why should we accept the “all or nothing” format of this proposed bond? We should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Their claim – Relocate the Horticulture and Animal Science program from Richland High School to the Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning to serve students from all three high schools in the district. We believe –Although a fancy new Horticulture and Animal Science building is a nice luxury, is it worth the expense when students and teachers from all 3 high schools will still have to spend time traveling to an off-site location? Why should we have to pay for a new and fancy facility when students and staff will STILL have to travel off-site to attend? We should not – Vote AGAINST the bond.

Birdville ISD claims the proposed bond will enable the district to continue a quality education for our students. We believe the district must provide a quality education from available funding through prudent fiscally responsible financing.

Their claim – A quality environment contributes to enhanced student performance We believe – A quality education is dependent upon the teachers and the educational programs within a school, not simply the school structure itself. Student performance is dependent on a low teacher/student ratio, staff/student ratio, parental involvement, enhanced early childhood education and experiences, curriculum targeted toward established educational outcomes, and caring teachers that are committed to educating each and every student. The State scores in Birdville ISD show no correlation between age of the school and the academic achievement of the students.

Their claim – Quality facilities help attract and retain top educators. We believe – Although teacher pay increases with years of experience, most teachers choose their teaching locations based on where they live, travel time and distance, and job satisfaction. A teacher’s job satisfaction generally is dependent upon the level of support from the administration, their perceived freedom to teach to their best ability, and the satisfaction of knowing they have had a positive influence on a young person and was able to help that child achieve to their maximum potential.

Their claim– Creating cost savings will allow more money to be available to educate students district- wide. We believe – Prudent financial management on a daily basis with a focus on the real educational needs of students will eliminate the need for a bond.

Their claim – Quality facilities are safe facilities We believe – Solid, well-built buildings can be upgraded with modern security devices. There is no need to build a new school building for it to be safe.

Birdville ISD claims there is no better investment.

We believe it is a long-term tax burden on the residents

Their claim – If BISD voters approve this bond package, it will increase property taxes approximately $4.35 per month on a house valued at one hundred thousand dollars. We believe – There simply is no NEED for this bond package!

Their claim – Quality schools protect our property values and improve our communities We believe – It is the quality EDUCATION within the school structures, not the structures themselves that are an asset to a community and protect property values.

Their claim – Citizens 65 years of age and older will see no increase above their capped level as a result of this bond We believe – The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be the ones paying off this proposed bond for many years into the future.


Do you know who Juval Aviv is? He was Golda Meir’s bodyguard and the Israeli Agent upon whom the movie ‘Munich’ was based on. Golda Meir appointed him to track down and bring to justice the Palestinian terrorists who took the Israeli athletes hostage and killed them during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.           
In a lecture in New York City a few weeks ago, Aviv shared information that EVERY American needs to know, but that our government has not yet shared with us. 
A little background:
� Aviv predicted the London subway bombing on the Bill O’Reilly show on ‘Fox News’, stating publicly that it would happen within a week. At the time, O’Reilly laughed and mocked him, saying that in a week he wanted Aviv back on the show. Unfortunately, within a week the terrorist attack had occurred.
� Juval Aviv also gave intelligence to the Bush     Administration about 9/11 a month before it occurred. His report specifically said that they would use planes as bombs and target high profile buildings and monuments… I think we all know what happened, right?
� Congress has since hired Aviv as a security consultant. Aviv predicts that the next terrorist attack on the U.S. will occur within the next few months. Forget hijacking airplanes, because he says terrorists will NEVER try hijacking a plane again as they know the people on board will never go down quietly again. Aviv says that our airport security is a joke ‘that we have been reactionary’ rather than proactive in developing strategies that are truly effective.
Example 1:  Because an idiot tried to light his shoe on fire, now everyone has to take off their shoes.
Example 2: A group of idiots tried to bring aboard liquid explosives, and now we can’t bring liquids on board. He says he’s waiting for some suicidal maniac to pour liquid explosive on his underwear; government security will then have us all traveling naked!
Last but not least, our airport security looks for metal, but the new explosives are made of plastic!
Currently, our government only focuses on security when people are heading to the gates. Aviv says that if a terrorist attack targets airports in the future, they will target busy times on the front end of the airport when/where people are checking in.           
For example, it would be easy for someone to take two suitcases of explosives, walk up to a busy check-in line, ask a person next to them to watch their bags for a minute while they run to the restroom, and then detonate the bags BEFORE security even gets involved. In Israel, security checks bags BEFORE people can even ENTER the airport.  Aviv says the next terrorist attack here in America is imminent and will involve suicide bombers and non-suicide bombers in places where large groups of people congregate, such as Disneyland, Las Vegas casinos, shopping malls, subways in rush hour, train stations, etc., as well as in rural America this time (Wyoming, Montana, etc.).
The attack will be characterized by simultaneous detonations around the country involving at least 5-8 cities, including rural areas. Aviv says terrorists won’t need to use suicide bombers in many of the larger cities, because at places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, they can simply valet park a car loaded with explosives and walk away.
Aviv says all of the above is well known in intelligence circles, but that our U.S. Government does not want  to ‘alarm American citizens’ with the facts. The world, however, is soon going to become ‘a different place’, Aviv says, where issues like ‘global warming’ and political correctness will have become totally irrelevant.
On an encouraging note, Aviv says that Americans don’t have to be concerned about being nuked. He says the terrorists who want to destroy America will not use sophisticated weapons.
Instead, they like to use suicide, as it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s effective and they have an infinite abundance of young, ignorant, fanatic militants more than willing to ‘go see Allah’. Aviv also says the next level of terrorists over which America should be most concerned will not be coming from abroad.
They will instead be ‘home grown’ meaning they will have attended and been educated in our own schools and universities right here in the U.S. These young terrorists will be most dangerous because they will know our language and will fully understand the habits of Americans; but that we Americans won’t now understand a thing about them.  So, what can America do to protect itself?  From an intelligence perspective, Aviv says the U.S. needs to stop relying on satellites and technology for its intelligence.
Instead, we need to follow Israel ‘s, Ireland ‘s and England ‘s hands-on examples of human intelligence, both from an infiltration perspective as well as to trust ‘aware’ citizens to help.
We need to engage and educate ourselves as citizens; however, our U.S. Government continues to treat us, its citizens, ‘like babies’. Our government thinks we can’t handle the truth’ and are concerned that we’ll panic if we understand the realities of terrorism.  Aviv says this is a deadly mistake.
Aviv recently created/executed a security test for Congress by placing an empty briefcase in five well-traveled spots in five major cities.
The results? Not one person called 911 or sought a policeman to check it out. In fact, in Chicago, someone tried to steal the briefcase!
In comparison, Aviv says that citizens of Israel are so well ‘trained’ that an unattended bag or package would be reported in seconds by citizen(s) who know to publicly shout, ‘Unattended Bag!’ The area would be quickly & calmly cleared by the citizens themselves.
But, unfortunately, America hasn’t been ‘hurt enough’ yet by terrorism for their government to fully understand the need to educate its citizens or for the government to understand that it’s the citizens who are, inevitably, the best first-line of defense against terrorism.  Aviv also was concerned about the high number of children who were in preschool and kindergarten after 9/11, children who were basically ‘lost’ without parents being able to pick them up, and schools that had no plan in place to best care for the students until their parents could get there. (In New York City, in some cases this was days!)
He stresses the importance of having a plan that’s agreed upon within your family, to respond to in the event of a terrorist emergency. He urges parents to contact their children’s schools and demand that the schools, too, develop plans of actions, as they do in Israel. He says we should all have a plan that is easy enough for even our youngest children to remember and follow.  Does your family know what to do if you can’t contact one another by phone? Where would you gather in an emergency?
Aviv says that the U.S. Government has in force a plan that, in the event of another terrorist attack, will immediately cut-off EVERYONE’s ability to use cell phones, as this is the preferred communication source used by terrorists and is often the way that their bombs are detonated. How will you communicate with your loved ones in the event you cannot use phones, internet?
Bottom line, you need to have a plan! If you believe what you have just read, then you must feel compelled to send it to every concerned parent or guardian, grandparents, uncles, aunts, whatever and whomever.
Nothing will happen if you choose not to do so, but in the event it does happen, I promise this particular email will haunt you.
Don’t be in the category of saying, “I should have sent this to…”, but I didn’t believe it and just deleted it as so much trash. 



Thursday, April 25th

6-6:30 p.m. Meet & Greet

6:30 – 8 p.m. Forum

Watauga Middle School

6300 Maurie Drive (corner of Watauga Rd)

This is an opportunity to come out and meet your

Watauga City Council & Mayoral 2013 Candidates


Hear from each one




6300 Maurie Drive ~ Watauga

Meet & Greet 6-6:30 p.m.

Forum 6:30 – 8 p.m.

VVe are pleased to give the mayoral and council candidates an opportunity to answer
selected questions and tell a little about themselves. We all look forward to a great evening
and hope that many of our Citizens will attend.

Tell Congress “No!” to new sales taxes and burdens for small online businesses​.

Tell Congress “No!” to new sales taxes and burdens for small online businesses​.

Congress is considering online sales tax legislation that is wrongheaded and unfair, and I am writing to ask for your help in telling Congress “No!” to new sales taxes and burdens for small businesses.

Whether you’re a consumer who loves the incredible selection and value that small businesses provide online, or a small-business seller who relies on the Internet for your livelihood, this legislation potentially affects you. For consumers, it means more money out of your pocket when you shop online from your favorite seller or small business shop owner. For small business sellers, it means you would be required to collect sales taxes nationwide from the more than 9,600 tax jurisdictions across the U.S. You also would face the prospect of being audited by out-of-state tax collectors. That’s just wrong, and an unnecessary burden on you.

Big national retailers are aggressively lobbying Congress to pass online sales tax legislation to “level the playing field” with Amazon. And, as they compete with big retail, Amazon is advocating for this legislation too, while at the same time they are seeking local tax exemptions across the country to build warehouses. This is a “big retail battle” in which small businesses and consumers have a lot to lose. But eBay is fighting, as we have for more than 15 years, to protect small online businesses and sellers and ensure healthy competition, value, and selection that benefit consumers online.

The solution is simple: if Congress passes online sales tax legislation, we believe small businesses with less than 50 employees or less than $10 million in annual out-of-state sales should be exempt from the burden of collecting sales taxes nationwide. To put that in perspective, Amazon does more than $10 million in sales every 90 minutes. So we believe this is a reasonable exemption to protect small online businesses. That’s what we’re fighting for, and what big companies such as Amazon are fighting against.

I hope you agree that imposing unnecessary tax burdens on small online businesses is a bad idea. Join us in letting your Members of Congress know they should protect small online businesses, not potentially put them out of business. Click here to make your voice heard. Together, I believe our voices can make a difference.


John Donahoe
President and CEO
eBay Inc.